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The #1 Human Motion Analysis

Trusted by world-leading connected fitness provider Nautilus

VAY effortlessly digitizes human movements with our computer vision software.
Providing the highest personalization to users through precise motion analysis and real-time feedback.


What can VAY enable?


Measure the velocity of specific human body parts to analyze movement speed and count repetitions.

Get that Competitive Edge


Any camera suffices to understand human motion. Your users will be able to enjoy the full potential of your application, regardless of their preferred device (laptop, phone, tablet and TV).


Without the need for any limiting markers or sensors, allow your users to fully enjoy their training session anytime and anywhere. 


Analyze and provide feedback in realtime on movement execution, such as form, speed and repetitions.

What Makes VAYs Software Unique

Exercise library

We have an extensive and growing library of exercises we can analyze.

Speed of adding new movements

20 Exercises/Week

Our tools and expertise allow us to quickly define and add new exercises.


Our algorithm provides accuracy rivaling expensive sensor-based systems at a fraction of the price.

Flexible camera position

Our camera position is not fixed in one position, allowing for flexibility.

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