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Would you like to help your clients move safely through their everyday life in the long-term? To be mobile and independent? Train your muscles, balance and create the best conditions for prevention of injuries and/or recovery. Starting with easy exercises, you will increase the level over time - and become gradually stable.

The possibilities are endless


Strength & Endurance

Not only for the gym enthusiasts, muscular strength and endurance are vital to leading a healthy life and reducing risk of injury during day-to-day activities like lifting groceries or walking up and down stairs. Test your current state of muscular fitness.


Taking steps to enable your body to become more supple offers many physical benefits and can have a positive effect on your overall well-being. Stretching is a great way to allow your muscles and joints to have greater range of motion, improved posture and balance, and increased physical performance. Test your current state of flexibility.


Range of Motion

Often confused with flexibility, range of motion is a measurement of the distance and direction a joint can extend, bend, or rotate to its full potential. By improving your flexibility, your joints in turn will have a far greater range of motion. Other simple ways to keep your joints nimble is through a healthy diet and walking regularly. Test the current state of your range of motion.

Customizable Solutions

Want a customizable assessment plan? Click start, and we will guide you to your personalized success!


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Invest in innovation and take steps towards digitalization. Increase your user retention with high personalization.

€ 7,500 - 3 months included

  • Cutting-edge motion capture and motion analysis APIs

  • Lightning-fast integration - Get going within a day

  • Increase your user retention

  • Cross-platform support

  • Access to 80+ exercises

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