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Provide your users with real-time tracking and audio feedback from any device, offering them a guided workout.

Challenges of today

Not scalable

Personal coaching is expensive and limited by the amount of coaches.


Adequate alternatives in motion tracking are prohibively expensive, such as pricey camera systems.

No feedback-loop

No scalable feedback solution exists, preventing the know-how to transfer to the users, helping them progress and avoid injuries.

Use cases

What would concrete applications using our technology look like in the fitness space:

Virtual Fitness

Virtual Fitness

Fitness applications currently lack the feedback mechanisms that a live in-person training can offer and are interchangeable as a consequence. Offer direct life feedback on form with our technology:

  • Benefit from our large existing library of exercises with from analysis and dedicated feedback

  • Provide direct real-time feedback on how users are performing exercises, as well as repetition counting

  • Track progress over time and offer personalized recommendations

  • Become a personal trainer anywhere and at any time

Emulate a personal coach in your fitness application at a fraction of the cost and at infinite scale

A fun new way to integrate AI to your products!

Actively tracks your body movement

Analyzing human posture accurately, with our state-of-the-art algorithms, that can track movements fast and visualize results instantly.

Accurate metrics

Get that immersive and fun experience with live corrective feedback on your form and speed.

Markerless point solution 

Analyze the velocity of specific body parts, range of motion and repetitions or take it a step further and calculate accelerations and forces.

Extensive and interactive

Benefit from our large exercise library and movement expertise, with an easy way for your users to track their progress, fitness level and health improvement.

No hardware required

With us, any camera suffices to understanding human motion, with no wearable devices or special cameras. Crazy right? Your users should be able to enjoy the full potential of your application through any smartphone, laptop or tablet! 

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