Use Case: Interactive

Currently, it takes a controller or an expensive tracker to play an augmented reality game. With our game-changing technology, we provide our clients with the necessary tools to bring their user experience to the next level.


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Use case with Sphery AG

Our technology allows users to participate in games using nothing else than what they were born with. All our tech requires is one camera to translate the data from the physical world to bits and bytes.

The ever-growing gaming market will produce a revenue of 196 billion in 2022. Using our technology, people can stay active while playing video games, as real-life poses and movements correspond to in-game actions.

We are conducting the first interactive entertainment use case together with Sphery AG. Sphery does a research-based approach contributing to the physical and mental health of today's "digital native" society.

Currently, we are developing a solution for their "Exercube" and their at-home product that will launch soon. Our technology frees gamers from additional sensors to enhance the user experience.

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