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Updated: Nov 18

I don’t know how you are working out these days, but I look like this. Fitness at home, virtual training, remote- rehabilitation and physiotherapy were on the rise even before the pandemic closed the gyms. Software-based digital medicine products are getting prescribed and implemented today in countries like Germany and the USA (and I am sure sooner or later also in Switzerland.) 

 Now, with only a simple phone or laptop camera, a computer vision, AI, and biomechanics team from ETH Zurich is able to deliver real-time feedback on how we can improve our movement and posture. That is why we invested in VAY.  

 We are excited to work with the team to bring all of this to you. I asked Joel Roos, founder and CEO, a few questions: 

Why did you start VAY?

I was always keen to think out of the box, create something new, not following existing paths. With VAY, I was able to combine my two biggest passions of cutting-edge technology and high-performance sports. 

Where do you want to take this?

It is our goal to build an innovative company in which all of our team members can contribute their ideas. The technology we are working on is just taking off, and we know we cannot yet see all the amazing applications it will enable in the future. Most of all, we want to enhance the quality of people’s lives by making professional motion analysis accessible and cheap. 

What keeps you up at night?

Mostly it’s emails that I get late in the evening ;-) Often I use the evenings to read news or articles which give me food for thought. These thoughts I need to bring to paper. But the absolute worst is when I am stuck on a coding problem. I just can’t stop until everything works! Luckily, for the sake of my sleep, I don’t take a very active part in development anymore. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Every day holds so many opportunities, and missing out on these would be a shame. Furthermore, we have a great team I am looking forward to seeing each day. Being part of the startup scene and working with the innovation teams of our clients promises many encounters with extremely interesting and driven people.

What do you need right now to bring VAY to the next level?

Closing our seed round as soon as possible with matching investors will be crucial for VAY. Apart from that, we are looking for innovative clients who are willing to explore and experiment with the amazing things they can do with our technology. Working with a large number of clients gives us the insights we require to achieve the best product-market fit.

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