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Startup Revolutionizing Digitizing Humans can win CHF 10,000

Joes Roos, CEO of VAY

ArcoScreen, Luminesys, REN Therapeutics, and VAY win Venture Kick's first stage of financial and entrepreneurial support. Their projects help doctors save time by drastically reducing the assay time in GPCR screening from hours to minutes, improve up to 25 times the brightness of fluorescent markers, prevent the progression of chronic kidney disease without the contraindications of current treatments, and give everyone access to athlete-grade motion analysis.

VAY: Human Motion Analysis Computer Vision is a technology too new and too hard to grasp for most businesses to get their fingers burned on. At the same time, a lot of people realise that it is out there and start thinking of possible applications. VAY co-founders - Joel Roos, CEO and Master in Robotics ETH, Patrizio Bonzani, CTO, Master in Computer Science ETH, and Ben A. Simon, CFO, Master in Accounting & Finance HSG - are working solely on their core technology, computer vision Motion Analysis. Their service provides the most precise and reliable hardware-independent Human Pose Estimation algorithms. It works with any camera and creates a computer model of the human body in real-time. The team have created an automated analysis of any metrics and can provide the relevant ones to their customers. As they see hundreds if not thousands of applications emerging over the next 5 years, they want to become the main enabler of all those applications by serving their technology as B2B Software Licensing, pursuing their goal to democratize professional motion analysis and facilitate prevention, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders. 

The Venture Kick funding is used to launch a case study with physiotherapists and movement scientists to create an automated physical assessment training program with individual prevention recommendations based on the results.

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