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The Impact of Human Motion Analysis during COVID-19

In today’s day and age, every day, we notice a new phenomenon, a new device, and innovation entering our lives. Initially, one might be wary of such innovations and technologies because of their newness, but gradually this wears out. One such technological advancement that has proven to do wonders during the pandemic is human motion analysis. From sports to health and physical therapy, this software is proving to be of utmost benefit.

What is Human Motion Analysis?

It has been known to have a positive effect on users and professionals in the fields of sports, and healthcare. It is a digital service extended to users in the hope of providing them with enhanced portability. With the help of it, two or more images can be analyzed side by side and compared in order to extract information. The method of obtaining the data is usually through a camera or a sensor. Any motion that is carried out by the user will be captured, tracked, outlined and positioned. For more information, visit our blog on Motion Analysis: is it for you?

What does Human Motion Analysis have to do with the Pandemic?

Sure, connecting the dots might get confusing, but that’s what we’re here for. With the pandemic taking over our lives, many everyday aspects are now being managed virtually. From conducting meetings, to hanging-out with friends, to our favorite exercise classes, all of us are doing it from our homes. Now, of course, while taking meetings or learning something, you will have an instructor with you talking you through the process. But, what about all those people who want to exercise or proceed with their physical therapies? This is where motion analysis technology comes in to play.

By utilizing it, users can get real-time feedback through pose estimation. This is an excellent element for all those who are facing difficulty working out and focusing on their health. This state-of-the-art software is a motion capture machine that will analyze each potion of yours and boost your virtual fitness by not just providing live feedback but also correcting any incorrect positions. Think of it as a virtual coach helping you avoid injuries and boosting up your progress.

Next up, physiotherapists also work in a similar field where the movement and positioning of the patient are of utmost importance. The rehabilitation process will be a breeze for both parties involved as the patients can proceed with the exercises from the comfort of their homes, and the therapist will be able to continue to monitor their progress and adjust as necessary. Sure, they will be working on their rehabilitation process from their homes, but this technology will be there to track every moment and provide feedback. In addition, giving the opportunity for users to work on preventing certain health issues, like MSD/MSK.

Moreover, since this technology is user-friendly, you will not be constantly bombarded with intricate elements to handle or robotic noises to minimize. Think of it as a cheerleader on the sidelines helping and motivating you throughout your journey.

Final Words

All in all, users can benefit from personalized feedback and reduce the chances of injuries, all without having to go through the ordeal of paying for a one-on-one session with a trainer. This state-of-the-art technology is a cost-effective solution to all challenges COVID-19 throws your way.

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