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Welcome to the Swiss Startup Association, VAY!

15th December 2020

VAY AG joins the Swiss Startup Association as a member of our growing community! Welcome!

The Road to Democratizing Professional Human Motion Analysis

A seed-stage startup founded in 2018, VAY entered the Play Store in 2019 with their virtual fitness coach app and have been developing their vision since. Their goal is to make professional motion analysis easily available to everyone through the use of consumer devices. So how does this work? By accessing cameras on smartphones or laptops, VAY’s software analyses movements and allows applications in the area of fitness and health to close the feedback loop and give their end-users feedback on form and repetitions.

The benefit of their software is not just reflected to an end consumer working on their fitness but also supports novel prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods for conditions such as musculoskeletal diseases.

Currently, VAY is accelerating its growth phase by converting the continuously growing demand into clients. So far, they can already present traction with over twenty clients. Due to COVID-19, they also experience a growing demand for larger-scale projects by clients from various industries such as governmental organizations, the military, health insurances and the biggest gym equipment manufacturers globally. Partnering up with market leaders across industries shows that the team at VAY offers them a unique solution and is on a strong path to success.

Creating a Better Environment for the Future Employers of Switzerland

VAYs experiences already involved various recognizable partners including ETH Spin-Offs, Microsoft Startups, Innosuisse, Venture-Kick and multiple investors adding valuable contributions to their success. However, it hasn’t all been a smooth ride for VAY. One of the biggest hurdles they had to overcome was to find suitable investors that understood the business case and saw the great growth potential in health and fitness.

By joining the Swiss Startup Association, VAY is looking forward to finding a way to collaborate on combining and streamlining voices of the smaller stakeholders within the Swiss economy to change the Swiss startup environment for the better.

We look forward to raising our voices together to grow awareness of the situations, hurdles and issues that startups are facing in these turbulent times. By doing this, VAY believes that we contribute by supporting the creation of a better environment for future employers in Switzerland.

When asked about how they see the future of startups in Switzerland over the next five to ten years, Ben Simon (COO and founder) shares the belief that “it will certainly continuously grow at a fast pace that we have seen over the past years. I hope that more institutional investors, such as currently in life science, will understand the opportunity of early-stage investments, which then eventually will further accelerate the growth rate of successful Swiss startups. This will be crucial not to lose the race against the US, Israel, and China.”

The future definitely will be an exciting one, and we are happy to actively contribute and be part of it together! More about VAY AG and their Team: Interested in learning more about how you can help make Switzerland the number one startup hub of Europe? Get in touch with us here.

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