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With the right technology,
great things will happen

Create AI applications powered by our world-leading human motion analysis. Top performance in real-time, completely hardware-independent, running in the cloud.

The possibilities are endless

Body Markers

At up to 30 land-marks on and around the body, at precise joint rotation axes.

Rep Tracking

Automatic repetition counting, clocking, and progress tracking during workouts.


Calculating the time under tension and at what velocity movements are performed.

Anatomic Metrics

Precise computation of the relevant metrics like angles, distances, velocities.

Range of Motion

Measure if users go all the way through the entire exercise motion.

Mistake Detection

Optional form correction to achieve optimal execution as set with our experts.

Technology Deep Dive

The Virtual Human

We pursue a novel approach to human pose estimation, which is the craft of creating a computer model of a human from any camera image. We include prior knowledge about human anatomy instead of a purely inference based solution, getting more precise results faster with body markers at the correct joint locations.

From 2D to 3D

With lightning fast, case adapted 2D pose estimation, we generate three-dimensional virtual humans in real-time. For that, the individual frames are convoluted in time with bio-mechanic kinematic and dynamic laws applied.

True Understanding

For the first time ever, a computer can truly understand human movements thanks to our Movement Description Language. Novel exercises can be created to perfection within hours.

Adapt Always

With an actual understanding of human movements, our Motion Learning System can learn new movements from raw videos and quickly adapts to the capabilities of the tracked human.

Neural Motion

Trained with video data created by our movement experts, our Phase Classifier automatically detects what movement it sees and divides it into its scientific phases for precise analytics. The Mistake Detector finds deviations from the optimal execution and comes up with meaningful feedback.

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