Use Case: Ergonomical

We provide employers with easy-to-use solutions to further improve and automate their operational health management for healthier, happier, and more sustainable employment relationships. This way, we cut injury-related costs, improve the health of the employees, and reduce insurance premiums.


People affected by low back pain (LBP) globally


Cost of an injured Employee per Day


Of work disabilities are due to LBP

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Ensuring Workplace Safety is a must in the moral and financial sense. With our technology you can build a digital coaching solution for employees who daily put heavy strain on their bodies.

Our solution can provide employees with real-time feedback on job-specific movements and create an in-depth analysis about where the employees needs to pay extra attention to avoid long-term injuries.

This leads to reduced injuries on the job and cuts down long-term damages for the employees, saving both the employers, insurances, and pension funds millions in expenses. With the verified usage of these solutions, employers can request cash-back from insurances.

Our solution comes in the form of a mobile app for employees to train their movements at home or in a training environment with a pre-installed camera.

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