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VAY was founded in 2018, with the goal to create a fully virtual personal coach.


The VAY Fitness Coach launched on the App and PlayStore in June 2019 as the first end-consumer product using monocular human motion analysis.
Shortly after, we realized that a split focus on this novel computer vision technology, movement science, and user experience/content/community building is not feasible. Simultaneously, we received many requests for our leading technology from other companies in the fitness & health sector. Our team then decided to put all focus on combining computer vision and human biomechanics to democratising professional motion analysis.


Now, with our novel way to teach a computer to understand human motion and movements, we are building the biggest and highest quality movement library for our business clients to use in a plug-and-play manner.


Our mission is to democratize professional human motion analysis through readily available consumer devices. We know that by making lab-grade human motion analysis accessible to everybody, we will enable novel prevention, diagnosis, and treatment methods for musculoskeletal conditions (MSD) and increase physical health.


Our vision is to leverage our technology, to give every person on the planet more healthy years. Our technology will become a major building block to enable new digital approaches that promote physical activity, increase performance, predict risks for injuries or disorders, and to provide feedback for more effective and faster treatments.

Meet the team behind VAY

Joel Roos

CEO & Founder

ETH robotics graduate with a focus on computer vision.

Ben Simon

COO & Founder

University of St. Gallen graduate with a focus on strategy and business development. 

Patrizio Bonzani

CTO & Founder

System software architect with a focus on development processes.

Trevor Lang

Head of Marketing

International Marketing Management Graduate from IUBH Universtiy of Applied Sciences.

Alessandro Oehy

Head of Strategy & Business Development

Business expert with a venture and consulting background from the University of St. Gallen, HEC Paris & Yale.

Yann Billeter

Software Engineer

Open source contributor & maintainer with a focus on pose estimation. 

Mia Meyer

Movement Scientist

Movement Scientist with a background in software engineering.

Max Hürlimann

Software Engineer

Mechanical Engineering graduate from ETH with a hand for software engineering. 

Nikola Vulin

Software Engineer

ETH Robotics Engineer with a focus on machine learning and computer vision.

Giorgio Semadeni

Software Engineer

Software engineer with a focus on front-end development.

PD. Dr. Alex Ilic


+20 years industry and entrepreneur experience formerly with Magic Leap and Dacuda.

VAY Bear

Chief Happiness Officer

Lifelong learner with a special focus on growth and happiness. 

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