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Health Solutions

State-of-the-art solutions in the health tech space, that tracks range of motion to functional movements for: physical therapy, rehabilitation, and digital health apps, to achieve better health outcomes. 

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Limited access

Having to book and wait, rather than being able to actively train and get expert feedback.

Limitations of Today's Solutions

Limited access

Having to book and wait, rather than being able to actively train and get expert feedback.


Lack of accountability

Often people get discouraged and stop doing their recovery exercises, without the therapist knowing about it.

No feedback-loop

No feedback solution exists, which prevents the transfer of knowledge to the users, helping them progress and avoid injuries.

VAY's Health Solution Offers

Easy implementation

Implement our software with ease to your products and be able to have full adjustability tailored to your patients's pain, body and lifestyle.

Improved tracking

Analyzing human posture accurately, with our state-of-the-art algorithms, that can track movements fast and visualize necessary form adjustments instantly for improved results.

Precise assessments

Check that the patient not only performs their exercises, but also does them properly and steadily improves. We enable progress tracking, which is a great motivator to keep patients pushing through recovery, even in tough times.


Pain & stress reduction

More healthy years

Faster recovery

More patients receiving treatment

Happy customers

Cost saving

Use Cases

Concrete applications using our technology in the health space:



There is a lack of accountability and an inability to check whether exercises are being performed in a correct manner. Our technology enables you to solve these problems effectively:

  • Define the rehabilitation exercises and their proper form, which the patients can repeat at home with live feedback

  • Monitor whether patients are completing their exercises and to what quality

  • Enable the patient to track their progress and thus maintain motivation

  • Effectively treat more patients simultaneously

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